Everyone is a shareholder

Certain percentage of our net profit every year is goes to all members of the staff. Our little way of saying thank you for the wonderful job

Conducive and cosy working environment

5 min walk from the beach, located at the quite place of the Victoria Garden City, devoid of detractions so that we can concentrate on what we do best- Coding and Designing.

We're PASSIONATE about what we do

Yes, we love what we do. All of your us could not have wished ourselves a better career.

If you've got passion for programming and design, then this is a place for you.

We reward Excellence and appreciate Ingenuity

We are very receptive to fresh ideas and you can be rest assured of your reward - Both in cash and kind.

We say it among ourselves that we are paid to think. Welcome to Nigeria "Silicon Valley"

We celebrate one another

Your birthday, your day- If you like you can take the day off but don't forget to send us cakes

We are one team, one family

Outsiders see us as a company but we see ourselves as a team. A dependable web team for that matter.

We believe in (T-Together E-Everyone A- Ahieves M-More) spirit and work in tandem with best pratice in all we do

Great opportunity for self development and career progression

We if you are looking for a place to develop and harness your skills then this is a place for you

With well equipped library and other useful resources, and working in an agile enviroment it is work here, go anywhere