Using Our website maintenance and support is like having your own in-house team on hand to fine tune your website.

Ponder on this...

Designing and Maintaining a good website (like yours) requires the services of the following experts- Programmers, User Experience Consultants, Graphic Designers, Content Strategists, Copywriters, and Front End Developers at the minimum.

It is very unlikely you get all these skill-sets in one single individual (or a handful of individuals) as an in-house staff. If you are fortunate to get one, being a non- IT coy, your budget is not likely to accommodate him. If you are generous enough to pay him, he may decide to leave your organization at any time and you start all over again – A situation you have no control over.

Outsourcing your Web Maintenance and Support services to Mytcodes is not only cost effective, it also guarantees the best results as our team has all the required skill-sets. It also ensures continuity because it is a contract.

User Experience (UX) Enhancement

Did you know that your website alone can short-change you by at least 20% due to poor User Experience?

User Experience is like customer service. An organization who compromises this on her website stands the risk of losing her customers to the next guys (competitors).

Just take a TRIP to discover how enhanced user experience on your website adds values to your business:

  • Takes the load of your customers service
  • Reduces the costs of Advertising and Overheads
  • Inspires actions that increase your sales by 20% (at least)
  • Promotes your corporate image

Content uploads and website fine tuning.

A good website should provide accurate information that is updated as and when necessary

Simply send us your content and we'll upload it straight to your website. Our design team will be on hand to help style the page ensuring visitors are engaged with what you have to say.

Our copywriting team are on hand should you wish for a different perspective and can even work with you to write fresh copy. Content is king for search engines.

This service is free for one year for some clients that have their corporate websites developed by us. We charge as low as N20 000 a year and it could be charged by per-upload.

Error Fixing & Website Extension

If you have a website that runs on PHP and your web developer has just let you down then we can help you to get back on track.

Your website is never a static document. It grows with your ever increasing business requirements. You my need to add some extra functions like login to users' account, embed recruitment portal, or fix some broken links. You've got the right team in us

If you are not happy with your current website but you would like to keep some certain aspect of it, You don't need to throw the baby away with the bathwater. Our team is on hand to discuss this requirement with you

Let's Talk About Your Project!

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