If all we do to your website is just scripting codes, spice it up with some images and then upload them to your server, then we have not solved your problems.

We help inspire your audience to click-the-link or to pick up the phone. We get your messages across and make a genuine difference to your business.

Our design is always appropriate. You can have flashy graphics, but they are there for a reason. We design for your objectives, not for our egos. MYTCODES is a team of professionals who work efficiently together to ensure prices stay reasonable, and the quality exceptional.

Whether your budget is big, or small, we create engaging, powerful and strategically sound solutions to meet your objectives. A beautiful end result is important, but a commercial success for you is imperative.

Bespoke Website Design

We design our website around your business and NOT your business around our site

We understand your business objectives, study the other guys (your competitors) and what your customers want from your website.

From experience, this approach has proven to be the surest way to guarantee increase your top line, grow your market share and gain sustainable competitive advantage.

What is the point in spending less using templates and not get a tailor-made website that will give you a competitive edge?

Optimized for Search Engines (SEO)

Although we don’t own Google (or any other search engines), but as professionals we understand its techniques and we can make it work for you

Before we deliver your website project, our SEO team will analyse your website's business objectives, contents, and intended audience in order to figure out which SEO strategies will win prominent listings in the result pages of web search engines

b)We will work closely with your content writer to ensure that keywords and phrases are incorporated into the contents of the website.

Mytcodes appreciate that SEO techniques change frequently - that is why our SEO team has dedicated a great amount of time for research, seminars and trainings in order to stay abreast of latest development.

Optimized for Users

It is one thing to optimize your website for search engines, but it is another to optimize it for the users.

Central to our design and implementation is usability. At every point we keep asking ourselves: How would the users perceive this? How could they have it better? We leave nothing to assumptions.

The essence of it is to reduce the "cognitive burden" on the users so that they can enjoy their stays on your website. It also helps to effectively pass your message across which psychologically stimulates "positive responses to your call to actions"

After Sales Support & Maintenance

Ours is a lifetime commitment to our clients

We know you are not a computer geek - and we don’t expect you to be. So, we promise we won’t leave you to it.

You don't have to employ IT staff to keep your website fresh all the time, our maintainance team will always be on ground to help out on any issues that may arise after your website is launched

This service is free for most website projects (for the first one year). Why don't you contact us to find out if your proposed website project would be one of them?

Let's Talk About Your Project!

We're a friendly team, and would love the opportunity to discuss your next project and provide you with a quote

Give us a call on +234(0)1-2958029, drop us a mail on contact@mytcodes.com, or fill our contact form