Bespoke Website Design

One stop shop for safety containment for Personal and Industrial use

The Brief

Mytcodes was engaged to create a campaign site which allowed the delivery of Justrite Safety Containment Products in a clear, easily understood way, allowing users to quickly understand its purpose and how they can make orders.

Special attention were expected to be made to a particular container which as at that time was taking to much space in the warehouse as a result of large stock (over 250 000)

Bespoke Website Design

The Challenge

The products are being supplied from the United States. MYTCODES team realized that in order not to to visually compromise the quality of these products by the users, a website of same standards is needed

Bearing it in mind that the products are meant to be sold in Nigeria. Another hurdle- The site must be appealing to the local market as well.

Our Approach

To us, using template is out of the solution. We studied the website of the Supplying company, look inward to what an average buyer would like to know before making a "Buying Desicion". Then the inspiration began to flow.

Bespoke Website Design

The Result is a fully featured product catalogue website including content management products and an optimised order process;

With a shoestring budget on social media ads, in less than 6 weeks of official launch, our client ran out of stock

Bespoke Website Design

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